Twywell (St Nicholas)

Northamptonshire, England

6 bells
6-3-23 in B
Peterborough Diocesan Guild
Diocese: Peterborough
Postcode: NN14 3AU
Grid Reference: SP951781
5th (7-0-0) is heavier than tenor
Dove Entry

Nearby Towers

  1. Woodford (St Mary the Virgin) 1.4 miles
  2. Cranford St John (St John the Baptist) 1.7 miles
  3. Cranford St Andrew (St Andrew) 1.8 miles
  4. Great Addington (All Saints) 2 miles
  5. Islip (St Nicholas) 2.2 miles
  6. Grafton Underwood (St James the Apostle) 2.2 miles

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