Oldham (St Mary the Virgin)

Greater Manchester, England

12 bells
35-0-4 in D♭ (545.0Hz)
Lancashire Association
Diocese: Manchester
Postcode: OL1 3BP
Grid Reference: SD927051
Also 6♭
Toilet available.
Practice: Tuesday
Dove Entry

Nearby Towers

  1. Glodwick, Oldham (St Mark) 0.8 miles
  2. Leesfield (St Thomas) 1.6 miles
  3. Moorside, Oldham (St Thomas) 2.1 miles
  4. East Crompton (St James) 2.8 miles
  5. Mossley (St George) 3.1 miles
  6. Roughtown, Mossley (St John the Baptist) 3.3 miles

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