Didsbury, Manchester (St James)

Greater Manchester, England

6 bells
7-2-4 in B♭ (932.5Hz)
Lancashire Association
Diocese: Manchester
Postcode: M20 2RQ
Grid Reference: SJ846903
Toilet available.
Practice: Tuesday, 20:00
Dove Entry

Nearby Towers

  1. Northenden, Manchester (St Wilfrid) 0.9 miles
  2. Cheadle (St Mary) 1.2 miles
  3. West Didsbury, Barlow Moor, Manchester (Christ Church) 1.4 miles
  4. Fallowfield, Manchester (Holy Innocents) 2.3 miles
  5. Stockport (St Mary) 3.1 miles
  6. Stockport (St George) 3.4 miles

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