Geddington (St Mary Magd)

Northamptonshire, England

6 bells
11-3-17 in F♯
Peterborough Diocesan Guild
Diocese: Peterborough
Postcode: NN14 1AN
Grid Reference: SP895830
Overhauled in 1988.
Toilet available.
Dove Entry

Nearby Towers

  1. Weekley (St Mary the Virgin) 1.3 miles
  2. Warkton (St Edmund) 2 miles
  3. Great Oakley (St Michael) 2.3 miles
  4. Grafton Underwood (St James the Apostle) 2.4 miles
  5. Stanion (St Peter) 2.7 miles
  6. Kettering (Ss Peter & Paul) 3.4 miles

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