Danby (St Hilda)

North Yorkshire, England

3 bells
6-1-12 in B (991.0Hz)
Diocese: York
Postcode: YO21 2NQ
Grid Reference: NZ696063
Ropes fall in a straight line
Overhauled in 1905 by Thomas Mallaby.
Dove Entry

Nearby Towers

  1. Westerdale (Christ Church) 2 miles
  2. Guisborough (St Nicholas) 7.9 miles
  3. Skelton in Cleveland (All Saints) 8.2 miles
  4. Saltburn by the Sea (Emmanuel) 9.5 miles
  5. Lastingham (St Mary) 10 miles
  6. Stokesley (Ss Peter & Paul) 10.7 miles

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