Harraby, Carlisle (St Elisabeth)

Cumbria, England

8 bells
13-3-7 in F (691.0Hz)
Carlisle Diocesan Guild
Diocese: Carlisle
Postcode: CA1 3QA
Grid Reference: NY421544
Ringing currently not permitted
Toilet available.
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Nearby Towers

  1. Carlisle (Cathedral Church of Holy & Undivided Trinity) 1.7 miles
  2. Thursby (St Andrew) 6.5 miles
  3. Brampton (St Martin) 7.8 miles
  4. Wigton (St Mary) 10.9 miles
  5. Lazonby (St Nicholas) 12.1 miles
  6. Great Salkeld (St Cuthbert) 13.6 miles

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