Deenethorpe Bob Doubles

Bob Doubles
Place Notation,145
Lead Head
13425 (Code: 4z)
Hunt Bells
1, 5
10 rows per lead
30 rows per course (3 leads)
Similar Methods
Different Only Over Lead End
 St Sebastian Bob Doubles (1)
 Manthorpe Bob Doubles (123)
 Longworth Bob Doubles (125)

Different Only Over Half Lead
 Wigsthorpe Bob Doubles (5)
 Blatherwycke Place Doubles (125)
 Reverse Tandridge Place Doubles (145)

Different Only Over Lead End and Half Lead
 Kelleythorpe Place Doubles (145, 123)
 Merton Bob Doubles (125, 125)
 Fifield Bob Doubles (5, 123)
 Eton Place Doubles (125, 123)
 Bentworth Bob Doubles (5, 1)
 St Osmund Bob Doubles (5, 125)
 Reverse Shipway Place Doubles (145, 1)
 Horsetail Delight Bob Doubles (145, 125)
 St Botolph Place Doubles (125, 1)

Other Similar Methods
 Southwick Place Doubles
 Thorpe Waterville Place Doubles
 Abbey Place Doubles
 All Hallows Place Doubles
 Nunthorpe Place Doubles
 Casthorpe Place Doubles
 Luddington in the Brook Bob Doubles
 Sutton-upon-Trent Bob Doubles
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