North American Guild


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  1. Abilene (The Heavenly Rest)
  2. Alexandria (Virginia Theological Seminary, Immanuel Chapel)
  3. Atlanta (St Luke)
  4. Augusta (The Good Shepherd)
  5. Birmingham (Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St Paul)
  6. Boston (The Advent)
  7. Old North, Boston (Christ Church)
  8. Brewster (Chapel of St Cuthbert, Community of The Holy Spirit)
  9. Burlington (St Mary)
  10. Elbow Park, Calgary (Christ Church)
  11. Charleston (Cathedral Church of St Luke & St Paul)
  12. Charleston (Grace Church Cathedral)
  13. Charleston (St Michael)
  14. Sullivan's Island, Charleston (Stella Maris)
  15. University of Chicago, Chicago (Mitchell Tower)
  16. Riverside, Chicago (St Paul)
  17. Dallas (St James)
  18. Exeter (Trivitt Memorial Church)
  19. Frederick (Calvary United Methodist Church)
  20. Groton (Groton School Chapel)
  21. Hendersonville (St James)
  22. Hingham (Memorial Bell Tower)
  23. Honolulu (Cathedral Church of St Andrew)
  24. Houston (Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church)
  25. Houston (St Thomas)
  26. Houston (St Paul (Methodist))
  27. Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo (Stetson Chapel)
  28. Kent (Kent School Chapel)
  29. Little Rock (Trinity Episcopal Cathedral)
  30. Marietta (St James)
  31. Miami (Trinity Episcopal Cathedral)
  32. Mission (Abbey of St Joseph of Westminster)
  33. New Castle (Immanuel on the Green)
  34. New York (Trinity Church)
  35. Smith College, Northampton (Mendenhall Center)
  36. Orleans (The Transfiguration)
  37. Philadelphia (Christ Church)
  38. Philadelphia (St Mark)
  39. Philadelphia (St Martin in the Fields)
  40. Philadelphia (St Peter)
  41. Pittsburgh (Southminster Presbyterian Church)
  42. Princess Anne (St Andrew)
  43. Quebec City (Cathedral Church of Holy Trinity)
  44. Quebec City (St Matthew's Bell Tower)
  45. Raleigh (Christ Church)
  46. Rochester (The Ascension)
  47. University of Washington, Seattle (Gerberding Hall Bell Tower)
  48. Sewanee (Breslin Tower, Universityersity of the South)
  49. Shreveport (Cathedral Church of St Mark)
  50. Texarkana (First Presbyterian Church)
  51. Toronto (Cathedral Church of St James)
  52. Vancouver (Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of The Holy Rosary)
  53. Victoria (Cathedral Church of Christ)
  54. Washington (Cathedral Church of St Peter & St Paul)
  55. Washington (Old Post Office Tower)
  56. Watertown (Perkins School for the Blind)