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  1. Adelaide (Cathedral Church of St Peter)
  2. Adelaide (Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St Francis Xavier)
  3. Adelaide (Town Hall)
  4. Prospect, Adelaide (St Cuthbert)
  5. Walkerville, Adelaide (St Andrew)
  6. Albury (St Matthew)
  7. Armidale (Cathedral Church of St Peter)
  8. Auckland (St Matthew in the City)
  9. Ballarat (St Peter)
  10. Ballarat (Town Hall)
  11. Bathurst (Cathedral Church of All Saints)
  12. Beechworth (Christ Church)
  13. Bendigo (Cathedral Church of St Paul)
  14. Bowral (Uniting Church)
  15. Brisbane (Cathedral Church of St John)
  16. South Brisbane, Brisbane (St Andrew)
  17. Bunbury (Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St Patrick)
  18. Burwood (St Paul)
  19. Cambridge (St Andrew)
  20. Camden (St Paul)
  21. Manuka, Canberra (St Paul)
  22. Castlereagh (Wesleyan Chapel)
  23. Papanui, Christchurch (St Paul)
  24. Claremont (Christ Church)
  25. Darling Point (St Mark)
  26. Dunedin (First Church of Otago)
  27. Geelong (St Paul)
  28. Goulburn (Cathedral Church of St Saviour)
  29. Griffith (Cathedral Church of St Alban)
  30. Hamilton (Cathedral Church of St Peter the Apostle)
  31. Hobart (Cathedral Church of St David)
  32. Hobart (Holy Trinity (Gk Orth))
  33. Katoomba (St Hilda)
  34. Lindfield (Holy Family of Nazareth)
  35. Lismore (St Andrew)
  36. Lithgow (Hoskins Memorial Church)
  37. Maitland (St Paul's Bell Tower)
  38. Mandurah (Christ's Church)
  39. Maryborough (St Paul)
  40. Melbourne (Cathedral Church of St Paul)
  41. Old Cathedral, Melbourne (St James)
  42. Melbourne (Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St Patrick)
  43. Brighton, Melbourne (St James)
  44. Burnley, Melbourne (St Bartholomew)
  45. West Heidelberg, Melbourne (St Pius X)
  46. Menangle (St James)
  47. Mosman Park (St Hilda's School Chapel)
  48. Naremburn (St Leonard)
  49. Orange (Holy Trinity)
  50. Parramatta (All Saints)
  51. Perth (Cathedral Church of St George)
  52. Perth (The Bell Tower (Swan Bells))
  53. Randwick (St Jude)
  54. Rockingham (Civic Centre)
  55. Singleton (All Saints)
  56. Sydney (Cathedral Church of St Andrew)
  57. Sydney (Christ Church St Laurence)
  58. Queen's Square, Sydney (St James)
  59. Church Hill, Sydney (St Philip)
  60. Sydney (Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St Mary)
  61. Broadway, Sydney (St Benedict)
  62. Turramurra (St James)
  63. Wagga Wagga (St John)
  64. Wangaratta (Cathedral Church of Holy Trinity)
  65. Wellington (Cathedral Church of St Paul)
  66. Wellington (Old St Paul's)
  67. Yass (St Clement)
  68. York (Holy Trinity)